IPrice minimart
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New version of IPrice minimart 2.1.7 for Joomla 3.x is available.
What`s new:

1. Optimized pages of price lists and catalogs.
2. Custom tabs for item page. Possible to process content of custom product fields by Joomla content plugins.
3. Added popup window with shopping cart content after adding a product to cart .
4. Now it is possible to register and enter activation code for the user without leaving checkout process.
5. "New" and "Featured" product state.
6. Allow to show category links into the section card in a list of sections.
7. Added Volume (capacity) for the product. Allows to calculate total order volume.
8. Autocomplete of order contact fields by data from previous order.
9. Allows to add the order from backend.
10. Added the ability to create a product field, the contents of which will be displayed in separate tabs on the product page. Also added option for the product field, which can be used to
enable the processing contents of the content plugins Joomla. This would allow , for example, to insert a plugin Google map with the map coordinates in a separate tab on the product page.
11. Status of payment of the order submitted to the general status of your order in a separate payment status .
12. Now you can set a general tax on the entire order. Now, taxes can be set in two ways : tax rate for each product or the total tax rate for the entire order.
13. Optimized calculation and display of discounts on products and global discount to order.
14. Removed totals by category and totals by page of the price list, allowing to optimize the code of the page price list. Removed the "Save selection" button and "Checkout" button.
15. Removed filters by name and by section/category - will be moved to the "Advanced search" module .
16. Removed mode add to the cart "Save to Cart", when the number of products entered by the user replaced the number of products already in the shopping cart. There was only a "classic" mode
, when the entered number of product is added to an existing product in the shopping cart.

+ Some minor changes .

Available additional extensions:

- "Shopping cart" - module (Showing of total discount, total volume are added)
- "Advanced search" module (personal set of search fields for each category is added)
- "Sections and Categories" module.

Coming soon:

- search plugin to integrate product searching to standard Joomla search;
- plugin for integration JComments;
- content plugin to insert "Buy" buttons, price-lists and catalogs into a site content.
- product vote system.

See the demo of the new version: http://minimart.lotix.ru

You can request the component for testing on local server using order form: http://iprice-web.ru/en/orderiprice-en

Old price for IPrice minimart license until New Year! Take advantage of this opportunity to use the component.



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