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New version of IPrice minimart 2.1.17 for Joomla 2.5-3.x is available.

What`s new:

  • Adaptive price list for the various screen width of mobile devices and desktop computers. Added option "Allow to hide in the price list" for an item fields displayed in the price list. Now, the fields that are allowed to hide, can be hidden to the price list does not go beyond the boundaries of the work area when displaying a price list on narrow screens. Thus you can adjust the price list that on the wide screen displays the maximum possible information about this product, and in the narrow screen displays only the minimum necessary information about the product. Demo.
  • Added the ability to specify additional search fields for the individual fields of the items. Thus, if a user searches for example by product name, the search will be carried out not only by name but also by the additional search fields specified for the field "Name" (eg on the SKU, on the custom characteristics). You can specify additional search fields for the field "SKU", "Name", as well as for all item characteristics.
  • Now you can show on the product page not only the price of the item, but also the total amount of the item, considering the selected quantity of the item. The total amount will be calculated automatically "on the fly" when you change the quantity of the item.
  • Now for the item page, you can select the thumbnail size that will be displayed as the main product image. You can select either medium or large thumbnail image using the component settings, tab "Item page", option "Thumbnail size for main image". To display the full image of the item is now used the original image of the item, rather than large thumbnail image.
  • Now, you can configure auto close of pop-up window of the shopping cart, that appears when you add a product with "Add to Cart" button. You can set the time after which the pop-up window of the shopping cart will close automatically, by using the parameter "Auto-close popup window of shopping cart after (s)" (component settings, tab "General", section "Adding of products to shopping cart" ). If set to 0, the pop-up window will not close automatically.
  • Now you can select a currency format for the characteristics of the item. The values of these characteristics will be formatted in the form of a sum of money based on the currently selected currency and recalculated automatically according to the current exchange rates, configured using currency manager. This ability will be useful to indicate the component price of the item, additional costs involved in the calculation of the basic price of the goods according to the formula and so on.
  • Many minor improvements.
Updated documentation.



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