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IPirce calculator 1.5.36 - Quick tabs

New version 1.5.36 of the component IPrice calculator is available.

What`s new:
  • Added the ability to show "quick" tabs for sections/categories using the new parameter of the price list "Tabs as a link". If this parameter is set to 'Yes', then the tab will link to the page of a section or category, same as in the previous version. If 'No', then when clicking on a tab, the items of the section or category will be displayed on the same page. Convenient to use quick tabs, if you have a few positions (up to 300), and they can be displayed on one page. Also, quick tabs will be convenient in quick order mode without using a shopping cart.
  • Added the ability to display a description of a section or category in the section / category header of the price list.
see the DEMO. More details about IPrice calculator

IPrice calculator LIGHT 1.1.30

New version 1.1.30 of the component IPrice calculator LIGHT is available.

Whats new:

- Added the parameter "Text instead of zero price", which allows you to display text instead of zero price of the product, for example, "Negotiated price", "Check with the manager", etc.
- Now you can use HTML tags in the message after sending the order to design the message.

See the overview of the component for download and guide.

IPirce calculator 1.5.35 - Auto-update currency exchange rates

New version 1.5.35 of the component IPrice calculator is available.

What`s new:
  • Added the ability to automatically update the exchange rates in the admin panel of the component. Also added the ability to configure automatic updating of currency rates on a schedule using the CRON task.
More details about IPrice calculator

IPrice minimart 2.3.4


New version of IPrice minimart 2.3.4 for Joomla 3.x is available.

What`s new:

  • Now, for items with a discount, you can display the crossed-out old price without a discount next to the price of an item in the item cards or in the price list. You can enable / disable the withdrawal of the old price without a discount in the general settings of the component on the "Catalog" tab for the catalog mode and the "Price list" for the price list mode. (Demo 1, Demo 2)
  • Added signs of the item "Promo item" and "Discounted (rejected) item". You can specify a description of the promo for each product, as well as the reason for the discount (reject).(Demo 1, Demo 2 )
  • For the module "IPrice items", the setting "Show old price", "Show only with discount", "Show only promo items", "Show only discounted (rejected) items" has been added. Also added is the possibility of displaying the module only on the shopping cart page.
  • For the module "Advanced search" added the ability to show the filter on promo items and discounted (rejected) items.
  • Now, if the user has changed the view mode (for example, from the “price list” to the “Catalog”), this setting will be saved in the user's browser cookies and the items will be displayed in the selected mode for the user always until he changes it again.
Updated demo.



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