IPrice minimart
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IPrice minimart 2.3.3


New version of IPrice minimart 2.3.3 for Joomla 3.x is available.

What`s new:

  • New ways of sorting items for the "IPrice items" module are added (Demo):
    - "Just ordered" - displays recently ordered items;
    - "Just purchased" - displays recently paid items;
    - "Most ordered" - displays the items that are most ordered;
  • Improved the "IPrice items" module: improved scrolling of items in the slider mode, the module takes more correctly the space allocated to it. Demo
  • For the "IPrice items" module, the option "Show items with image only" and "Show available items only"
  • Added the ability to place several "IPrice item" modules on one page, as well as the parameter "Module width" was added to fit the module width to the size of item cards in the module.
  • The template of the mini-card of the item is improved: the "Discount", "Featured", "New" stickers are now displayed in the mini-card. Demo
  • Added a new "Compact" view for the "Advanced Search" module with a stylish design that displays a search string, when you hover over it, the Advanced Search form opens. Demo
  • For the "Advanced Search" module, the "My items" filter was added - the products ordered by the user are displayed. The filter is available only for registered users. Convenient for the user to re-order the items.
  • Added the possibility to place several "Advanced search" modules on one page.
  • Added the ability for each "Advanced search" module to select the search fields to be displayed in the module.
  • If the category selecting is hidden in the advanced search module, then the search is now performed for all categories of items, even if the user has selected a particular category of the items.
  • Improved design and procedure for selecting shipping items and other costs for the order on the checkout page.
  • Improved SEO - added the structure of the product in the format Microdata, which will allow better presentation of products in the search engines Google.
  • Improved search for the price of items, when the item has options that change its price.
  • Added a new layout "Compact" of the module "Shipping cart". Demo
  • Many minor component improvements
Updated demo. Updated documentation.

IPrice minimart 2.3.2 - Access levels


New version of IPrice minimart 2.3.2 for Joomla 3.x is available.

What`s new:

  • Now you can assign access levels for product categories on the site. The user can only see the products to which he has access.
  • Some minor improvements.
Updated documentation.

IPirce calculator 1.5.34 - Adaptive price list

New version 1.5.34 of the component IPrice calculator is available.

What`s new:
  • The possibility of an adaptive price list adapting to the width of the client's screen is added. In the component settings, you can mark the price list columns that can be hidden when the client screen size is reduced.

Update for quick start of Joomla e-shop "IPrice JSN One"


Quick start of e-shop "IPrice JSN One" is updated and improved:

  • The IPrice minimart component has been updated in the complete set of the ready-made site of the online store "IPrice JSN One" on the basis of a template from the studio Joomlashine. Now the store has unlimited nesting of product categories, as well as other improvements.
  • discount 30% is avaiable for the quick start of e-shop "IPrice JSN One".

Overview of quick start "IPrice JSN One".
DEMO of quick start "IPrice JSN One".
Overview and DEMO of "JSN One free" template designed by JoomlaShine studio.
User guide IPrice minimart.
BUY quick start "IPrice JSN One".

IPirce calculator 1.5.33

New version 1.5.33 of the component IPrice calculator is available.

What`s new:
  • Added the ability to pay for the order using PayPal and ZarinPAL payment systems with automatic changing payment state of the order.



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