IPrice JSN One - quick start of Joomla e-shop


Compatible with Joomla 3.x Component Multilanguage Modules Plugins

License: commercial
Language: English Russian

Quick start of e-shop "IPrice JSN One" is the customized, preconfigured and ready-to-use package of e-shop based on Joomla, component IPrice minimart and template "JSN One free", designed by studio "JoomlaShine". Easy to start: just install the package, make some settings and upload your products. Thats all, e-shop is ready to use!

Main features of quick start "IPrice JSN One"

  • Ready to use immediately after installation, does not require a long preset.
  • Adaptive layout of site design, adapts to the size of the user's screen.
  • Two site layout: for desktops and for mobile devices. Ability to assign a mobile layout for the following mobile operating systems: iOS 6.x and earlier, iOS 7.x, iOS 8.x and higher, Android 2.2-2.3, Android 4.x and higher, Windows Mobile 6.x and earlier, Windows Mobile 7.x - 10.x, BlackBerry 5.x - 10.x.
  • Flexibly customizable online store based IPrice minimart.
  • Improved adaptive shopping cart module.
  • Improved product presentation module.

The composition of the package

  • Joomla! 3.7.2 - latest modern content management system.
  • IPrice minimart 2.3.1 - complex of Joomla extensions to organize an online store on the site.
  • Site template "JSN One free" - modern website template from JoomlaShine professional studio.
  • JSN ImageShow - component and module to organize slideshow images on the site.
  • JSN Mobilize - component for organizing site layout for mobile devices.
  • JSN UniForm - component and module for creating interactive forms.

System requirements

The component IPrice minimart require IONcube loader installed on your web server. In the case of places without IONcube loader, you must install it before using the component. The installation process is usually simple.
Other requirements:

  • PHP version 5.3.10 or higher
  • MySQL version 5 or higher

Installation and settings

  • Unzip the installation package to the root folder of your site and open the website in your browser. Follow the steps of Joomla installation wizard. Package installation does not differ from the standard install Joomla. After installation, remove the directory /installation.
  • Go to backend of your Joomla site and set some global settings (Backend->System->Global configuration):
    - on tab "Site" set the parameter "Mouse-over Edit Icons for" to "None";
    - set the parameter "Default Editor" to value "Editor - CodeMirror"
    - set the parameter "Default Captcha" to value "Captcha - reCaptcha";
    - set the parameter "Search Engine Friendly URLs" to "Yes";
    - set the parameter "Use URL Rewriting" to "Yes";
    - set the parameter "Adds Suffix to URL" to "No";
    - on tab "System" set the parameter "Session Lifetime" to 30 min or higher.

reCaptcha settings

Configure reCaptcha plugin to protect registration forms and other interactive forms from spam (Backend->Extensions->plugins - reCaptcha plugin).
You need to get a public and private key for Google reCaptcha. Click the link to get the keys http://www.google.com/recaptcha , login or register with your Google account. Register your site: specify the site name and all your domains to enable reCaptcha on your domains. Click to "Registration" and get public and private key. Set the public key to parameter "Public key" of reCaptcha plugin. Set the private key to the parameter "Private key" of reCaptcha plugin.

IPrice minimart settings

Go to the global parameters of the component (Backend->System->Global configuration->select "IPrice minimart" in the left block). Select an order manager using parameter "Manager of orders" on tab "Mandatory". This Joomla user will receive orders by e-mail.

Customizing slide show on home page

You can select images for slide show on main page using "JSN ImageShow" component. Go to: Backend->Components->JSN ImageShow->Showlists, open the list "Homepage Slideshow". Remove demo-images in the right block "Showlist's Images" and append your own images. Specify the name, description and URL for each image.

Note! All images for the slide show must be the same size. The recommended size for the image is 1920 * 700

Customizing info and image gallery on home page.

2 "custom HTML" modules are used to display information and gallery on the home page: module "Demo Shop Intro" and module "Image gallery". You can customize these modules, replace demo-images and demo links. The size of your images must be the same as the size of the demo images in these modules.

Note! Use the default "CodeMirror" editor only for editing HTML content of these modules. Other editors will remove the javascript code from HTML code of the module, disrupting interactive elements.


Useful links

Check out the materials that will help you in your work with quick start "IPrice JSN One":

DEMO of quick start "IPrice JSN One".
Overview and DEMO of "JSN One free" template designed by JoomlaShine studio.
User guide IPrice minimart.

License agreement

Read the license agreement before using the component IPrice minimart.



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