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IPrice calculator - simple e-shop for Joomla


IPrice calculator - logo Compatible with Joomla 3.x Joomla 4.x Component Multilanguage Modules Plugin

License: GNU/GPL
Languages: English Russian

IPrice calculator is the flexible mini-shop solution for you Joomla site. The component provides any web site running on Joomla! with a full set of functions to organize price-lists and catalogs of products or services with use of a shopping cart, calculation of a total for selected items, calculating sales tax, calculation volumed discounts "on the fly", compilation and e-mailing orders to both a manager and customer, order administration - review, removal, resubmission - as well as price-list insertion into the site's publications. Private area of the user, in which the user can view his orders, pay or cancel them, as well as download electronic items from paid orders.

See also more powerfull commercial component for Joomla IPrice minimart.

The component allows to display items organized by sections and categories. Each item can have a name, short description, full description, unit, price and selection type (regular selector as a check-box, numeric entry, one of a kind selector as a radio group) and up to 5 custom item fields. Groups of items can be separated with a divider.

Main features and functions:

  • Two-tier item hierarchy: section and category.
  • 2 ways to display products: catalogue and interactive & adaptive price list with calculation totals "on the fly".
  • The interactive adaptive price list mode allows you to automatically hide the price list columns allowed to hide on narrow screens of mobile devices. You can prioritize the hiding of columns so that the least significant columns of the price list are hidden first.
  • Private area of the user, in which the user can view his orders, pay or cancel them, as well as download electronic items from paid orders.
  • Allows to insert price-list, catalog or "BUY" button into an article content or into a content of other components using the IPrice content plugin.
  • The calculation of the totals, subtotals and volumed discounts "on the fly" without page reloading in price-list and in the shopping cart.
  • Main image for an item. Automatic creation 2 thumbnails of an image: small thumbnail for an image in price-list and a medium thumbnail for an image in catalog.
  • Shopping cart allowing multiple selections across several price-lists or catalogs, forming a single final order.
  • You can add your own fields to the order form, including fields with the type "Date" with a calendar and type "File", allowing users to attach a file to the order. The total discount on the order may depend on the value of the order field.
  • "Quick order" mode, allows to select items and make an order in one step without shopping cart.
  • Flexible discount: Each item can has a single or volumed discount. Nonlimited volumes for a discount. Discount can depend on the item quantity or the item amount. Discount can be specified in percentage or fixed amount. The discount may be displayed as a percentage or as a sum. You can set a total discount on the order, the volume of which may depend on the total amount on the order, the total number of products on the order or the value of any contact field of the order. You can set up to 5 stages of a total discount for the order.
  • Options for the product allows the user to select a product option, for example color (red, green, blue) or size (L, XL, XXL) and etc. You can specify price marging for each option of the iten.
  • Ability to assign some products as multipliers of the selected quantity for other products - Demo
  • Ability to attach a file to each selected item in shopping cart.
  • Ability to create independent price-lists for various product groups with individual settings (specified manager, currency, etc.).
  • Allows to insert price lists and catalogues into the site content using IPrice content plugin.
  • Support for captcha plugins for spam protection.
  • Data import from a CSV (Excel) file. Ability to update products from a CSV file.
  • Multicurrency support with automatic conversion depending on the database-stored exchange rates.
  • Automatic updating of currency exchange rates. Ability to update on schedule.
  • Support for SEO URLs.
  • Order management - review, removal, resubmission.
  • Pagination for long product lists.
  • Product filtering by a search string, sections and categories.
  • Flexible modes of presentation of products with many parameters.
  • Allows to force user authorization before making an order and/or before viewing items.
  • Allows hide prices for all users or for non-registered users only.
  • Allows to redirect to the specified URL after sending order. Such as redirect to PayPal to pay an order.
  • User can view and print order after sending order.
  • Up to 5 custom searchable fields for an item.
  • Allows to sort items by any item field.
  • Allows the user to attach files to the order using the order contact fields.
  • Additional color schemes for price-list.
  • Allows to pay order using PayPal and ZarinPAL with automatic changing payment state of the order.

Additional component extensions:

  • The content plug-in for an insert of price-lists, catalogues and "BUY" buttons in articles and other site content.
  • "Shopping cart" module.
  • "Sections and categories" module.

System requirenments

  • MySQL 5 or higher
  • PHP 5.3 or higher
  • Joomla 2.5, 3.x


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