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IPrice simple secure registration form - plugin for Joomla


IPrice simple secure registration form Compatible with Joomla 3.x Plugin

License: Free
Languages: English Russian

A set of scripts and plugin "IPrice simple secure registration form" provides a simplified and secure Joomla user registration form. There is no "username" field in the registration form, and the user's e-mail is used as the username for authorization on the site. This allows you to simplify registration and make it more convenient to authorize the user on the site. The plugin also contains a set of verifications that will prevent spam robots from automatically registering fake accounts on your website.


Download the package using the "Download" link in the upper right corner of the article. Unzip the package and follow these steps:

  • Copy the unziped "html" folder to your Joomla site template folder: [site root]/templates/[your active template folder]/
  • Install the plg_user_ipriceregistration.zip plugin in the standard way of installing Joomla extensions: In the site admin menu - Extensions-> Extension Manager-> Installation - select the installation file plg_user_ipriceregistration.zip
Use support forum for the plugin to get support: Support forum.
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