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IPrice Popup News module - popup news for Joomla site

IPrice PopUp News module for Joomla Compatible with Joomla 3.x Module Multilanguage

License: free
Languages: English Russian

This simple and fast module allows you to display the main news of the site (text HTML or/and the latest article from a specific categories) in a pop-up window when loading the page of the site. The news will be shown to the site user only once, until you change the text of the news or create a new article in the categories specified in the module parameters. Also, the user can click the "Remind me later" button, while the news will be displayed to the user again at interval set in the parameters of the module. The module uses the built-in Joomla bootstrap library.


  • Download the module installation package using the "Download" button at the top of this article.
  • Install the module installation package as a regular Joomla extension.
  • Open the module for editing: Admin-> Extensions-> Modules - click on the module name "IPrice popup news".
  • Set the option "Show title" to "Hide".
  • Publish the module.


Set module parameters:

  • Caption for popup window.
  • Timeout before open popup window (seconds) - delay in seconds before the popup opens after the page loads.
  • Remind period (days) - The period in days through which the news will be shown again if the user selected 'Remind me later'.
  • Min window width (px) - minimum window width (in pixels).
  • Max window width (px) - maximum window width (in pixels).
  • Newest of the category - select categories of articles from which the most recent article will be selected for display in a pop-up window. You must select the categories that contain articles. The module will not display articles contained in the subcategories of the selected category. Instead of selecting a general category, select several subcategories containing articles.
  • Article title is link to article - if "Yes", then article title will links to original article.
  • Text - set the html text to be displayed in the popup window. If both Text and Categories are set, both the text and the latest article from the selected categories will be displayed in the pop-up window.
  • Display text - if "Above article", then the text will be displayed above the article, if specified. if "Bellow article", then the text will be displayed bellow the article, if specified.



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