IPrice minimart
powerfull & flexible online Store, price-lists and catalogs for Joomla


New version of IPrice minimart 2.1.12 for Joomla 2.5-3.x is available. There are a lot of improvements in the new version.

What`s new:

  • Now the user can select currency for a product list (DEMO).
  • Now the user can select multiple values of product characteristic to search products using checkboxes in "Advanced search" module (DEMO)
  • Improved user input of product quantity. Improved view of user input quantity. Now you can limit user input of product quantity using min and max value of quantity. Also you can specify the step of increasing a product quantity by arrows. Also you can disable keyboard user input of a product quantity. So the user can change the quantity by specified step using only arrows. Also you can specify a list of available values for a product quantity, so the user can only select available values of qty (DEMO).
  • Now an old price of a product depends on properties selected by the user or depends on calculated price by the formula (DEMO).
  • New way to display a product description in price-list mode: "Collapsed" and "Expanded". When the user click to a product name, a product description is expanded bellow a product line.
  • Added filter "Show discounted only" and "Show available only" in "Advanced search" module and in a price-list header filter (DEMO).
  • Now You can massively change prices of products in the list of products in the backend without opening each product for editing. Mass change of prices is optimized for keyboard input. When you specify a price and press "Enter" or "Tab", the next price is focused and ready to enter value. This allows you to quickly and easily set the prices for all products per page.
  • Now you can specify a needed quantity of each product for an icon "Many in stock".
  • The user will receive a notice of the assessment of bonuses when you change the order status to "Paid", if you use bonuses.
  • Now a catalog layout is also optimized for mobile devices. Table layout is replaced on DIV layout. This avoids the horizontal scroll on narrow screens of mobile devices. (DEMO).
  • Improved ability to adapt a layout of the component on most of the templates Joomla.
  • A lot of minor improvements.

Updated DEMO of the component.



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