IPrice minimart
powerfull & flexible online Store, price-lists and catalogs for Joomla

Summer discounts up to 30% available on IPrice products. New version of IPrice minimart 2.3.14 for Joomla 3.x is available.

What`s new:
  • On the item page, the ability to hide some item properties has been added, depending on the values of other properties selected by the user. This will allow you to flexibly customize the choice of an item options for the user. Demo
  • Added the ability to go from the checkout page to the item page by clicking on the item name in the checkout page to edit the selected item, select new values for the properties of the item and its quantity. This feature is set by the component option "When you click on an item" to the value "Edit item on the item page" on the "Cart" parameters tab.
  • Added the ability to prohibit editing of item properties on the checkout page, while you can configure so that when you click on an item on the checkout page, the item page opens with the ability to edit the options and properties of the item.
  • Improved order sorting in the admin panel. Added order filters "Start date" and "End date".
  • Some minor component improvements.



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