IPrice minimart
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New version 1.5.36 of the component IPrice calculator is available.

What`s new:
  • Added the ability to show "quick" tabs for sections/categories using the new parameter of the price list "Tabs as a link". If this parameter is set to 'Yes', then the tab will link to the page of a section or category, same as in the previous version. If 'No', then when clicking on a tab, the items of the section or category will be displayed on the same page. Convenient to use quick tabs, if you have a few positions (up to 300), and they can be displayed on one page. Also, quick tabs will be convenient in quick order mode without using a shopping cart.
  • Added the ability to display a description of a section or category in the section / category header of the price list.
see the DEMO. More details about IPrice calculator



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