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SmartResizer plugin - version 1.15

New version 1.15 of SmartResizer plugin is available. There many new features in plugin:

- Improved performance through optimization plugin code.
- Added effect Highslide and Joomla SqweezBox to open the full size image. RokBox plugin is no longer supported.
- Thumbnail creation mode: fit image onto the thumbnail size or crop the image to the size of thumbnails.
- Fixed handling of images, which are found in the name of the capital letters.
- Fixed language files for Joomla 2.5

Download and view guide: http://iprice-web.ru/products/smartresizer

IPirce calculator LIGHT version 1.1.5

New version 1.1.5 of IPrice calculator LIGHT component is available.
Now the component supports reCaptcha for spam protection on Joomla 2.5. Also some bugs in languages files for Joomla 2.5 are fixed.
You can download and overview at http://iprice-web.ru/en/products/iprice-light-overview

IPrice minimart 2.1.4 rev1

New version 2.1.4 revision 1 of IPrice minimart component is available.
There are many new features in IPrice minimart component since the last announcement.
Major new features:
  • Allows to present the category as a multi-product. Products in this category will be the components of the product-category.
  • New payment modules: CardComm, RBK-money, Bill to pay
  • plugin Search. Search for items by name integrated into the standard search Joomla with this plugin.
  • Image gallery for product and category.
  • Shipping items. Allows to calculate shipping price by formula.
  • reCaptcha support for spam protection.
  • Related products. You can assign the related products for each item that will show on the product page.
  • Allows to force login or register user before sending order.
  • Allows Tabs for sections in price-list view.
  • Integration of order contact fields with user fields of Community Builder.
  • Export price-list in Excel (CSV) from the front of a site in the price list.
  • Improved SEO, you can define keywords and description for a product.
  • Allows to make mandatory of user input fields of the product.
  • Allows tabs for order contact fields.
  • Allows of rounding prices up to a certain decimal after conversion price in another currency.
  • Allows to set own currency for each product.
  • Allows to present item with zero price as item with contractual price.
  • Each category can have its own set of price-list columns, own set of user imput fields and additional fields of item.

IPrice minimart 2.1.0 rev1

New version 2.1.0 revision 1 of IPrice minimart component is available.
- some minor bugs fixed;
- improved procudere of order editing in backend:
    - when administrator change order state, then procedure of automatic shipping is appear;
    - order state history added;

SmartResizer plugin - version 1.14

Version 1.14 updates:
- some bugs fixed
- support of national domain names added
- support of image width and height set in style property of image
- ability to store thumbnails in subfolder "smart_thumbs" of original image folder (increase perfomance and does not contaminate the folder "cache" or original image folder)



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