IPrice minimart user guide

Item page


The item page opens when you click on the product name in the catalog or the price list. To output a single page of a product on the website you can create a menu item : in the admin panel, go to the desired menu, and then click button "New". Select type "IPrice minimart"->"Item layout".

View the item page for a demo.

The parameters of the product page

Section "Item page" of global component settings :

  • Use layout - "Layout with tabs" - description, features and comments will be displayed in the tabs on the product page. It's also possible to add your own bookmarks with custom fields with product option enabled "Display in tab" (see more "Item fields"). "By default" - views the product page without bookmarks.
  • Use comments - 'Jсomments' - component will be used Jcomments for commenting on the item in a separate tab on the product page. To use the comments you need to install the component itself Jcomments and plugin IPrice minimart. See. more "Jcomments plugin".
  • Display categories - to display or not display the name of the Section/Category.
  • Show select qty field - to display or not display field select quantity of the goods.
  • Show 'TO CART' button - to display or not display the button "To cart".


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