IPrice minimart user guide

Customizing checkout page


You can customize shopping cart layout using these files:

  • /components/com_ipricecalc/views/basket/tmpl/default.php - template for shopping cart layout
  • /components/com_ipricecalc/views/basket/tmpl/default_userlogin.php - template for login page layout
  • /components/com_ipricecalc/css/price/default.css - CSS file for shopping cart layout
  • /administrator/components/com_ipricecalc/helpers/payment.php - function front_payments() - payment method layout
  • /components/com_ipricecalc/templates/orderinfo.php - order contact fields layout
  • /administrator/components/com_ipricecalc/helpers/custfields.php - function getCustfieldsHTML() - generating HTML code for list of order contact fields

Also see the chapter Customizing price-list


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