IPrice minimart user guide

Price list

Create menu item of type "IPrice minimart"->"Price list layout" to display products using a price list layout. Select default initial view using parameter "Default initial view" on tab "General": section list first, category list first or item list.

See different modes of a price-list on a demo site.

Price list 1
Price list 1
Price list 1
Price list 2
Price list 2
Price list 2
Price list 3
Price list 3
Price list 3

You can override global parameters by using menu item parameters. For example, you can specify another currency, another manager for receiving orders, the other looks price list, etc. Use this feature to create price list or catalog with its own parameters.

Global parameters of a price list layout (Tab "Price list")

To set parameters for the price list layout go to Admin panel->Components->IPrice minimart->Sections->tool button "Options"->Tab "Price list":
  • Simple mode - if 'Yes', then simple price list will be shown. All categories of products have the same header in a simple mode instead of advanced mode, where each category can have its own set of columns. You can use filters for product characteristics in a header line using the simple price-list.
  • Use tabs for sections - use or not tabs for sections.
  • Display section - display or not a section name.
  • Display section description - display or not a description of a section.
  • Display categories - display or not a category name.
  • Display category description - display or not a category description.
  • Display item descriptions - 'No' - product name has not any link to a product description; 'Collapsed' -  description of a product will be disclosed in the dropdown box when you click on a product name; 'Expanded' - the description will be displayed below the item; 'Item page' - clicking on the item name the product page will be displayed.
  • Show sort selection - show or not the selector of sorting. Allows to sort the list of items by Name, SKU, Price and other item fields enabled for sorting in a Item field manager.
  • Show view selection - show or not the selector of the view. Allows to switch between price list and catalog layout.
  • Show export to excel - show or not "Export price list to excel" link. Allows user to upload current list of items to CSV file. You can define a fieldset of the item for exporting using the global parameter "Select item fields for export to Excel" in section "General".
  • Show filters in column headers - show or not filters in a price-list header line. if 'Yes', then all product fields enabled for searching will have a filter below the column caption in a price-list. You can show filters using a simple mode of price-list (DEMO).
  • Filter type for 'Name' column - type of a header filter for column 'Name'. 'Default' - input box for filter substring; 'Categories' - a category dropdown list; 'Sections-Categories' - section and category dropdown list.
  • Main image as 'camera' icon - if 'Yes', 'camera' icon will be displayed instead of thumbnail a product image. When user clicks on a 'camera' icon, then full image appears. Use this feature for more compact a price-list.
  • Show selection quantity field - show or not a quantity input box for each item.
  • Show 'To cart' mini-buttons - show or not 'To cart' mini-button for each item.
  • Show button 'Add to cart all selected' - show or not "Add to cart all selected" button below and above a price-list. All selected items are added to shopping cart when the user click this button.
  • Show checkbox 'Select all products' - show or not "Select all" checkbox. All selected items in a page are selected / unselected, when the user click this checkbox.
  • Show page total - if 'Yes', then a total amount per page will be displayed below a price-list.
  • Show 'Add to cart' button -  show or not 'Add to cart' button below the price list. This button allows add to cart all the products selected for a current page. Hide this button, if you set the default quantity to "1" for items. In this case you need to use mini-buttons "To cart" to allow user add each item to shopping cart separately.
  • Show 'Checkout' button - show or not 'Checkout' button bellow price list. 'No' - hide 'Checkout' button; 'Checkout button' - show the button, and when the user click, then he redirected to a checkout page without adding a selected items to shopping cart. 'Add to cart and checkout' - show the button, and when the user click the button, then all selected items on the page will be added to shopping cart and the user will be redirected to shopping cart.
  • Image thumbnail width - width for image of the item in the image column.
  • Image thumbnail height - height for image of the item in the image column.

Parameters menu item of type "IPrice minimart" -> "Price list layout"

  • Section IDs - list of ID sections, separated by commas, which will be displayed in the price list.
  • Category IDs - list of ID categories, separated by commas, which will be displayed in the price list.
  • Item IDs - list of ID items, separated by commas, which will be displayed in the price list. Make sure that category belongs to section, item belongs to category if you set IDs section, category and item all together.
  • Manager user IDs - the list of Joomla user IDs , separated by a comma, which will be the recipients of orders. Orders will arrive by e-mail recipients, which is registered in the Joomla user profile. User ID can be found in the Joomla user manager ("Users" -> "User manager" - the last column in the list of users - ID). Example: 62,63,64 - means that users with an ID of 62, 63 and 64 will be the managers and receive e-mail with orders. This parameter overrides the global parameter 'Manager user IDs' if You set it.
  • Currency - You can select the own currency for the price list.  This parameter overrides the global parameter 'Currency' if You set it.
  • Header text - header for the price list.
  • Intro text - intro text before the price list
  • Select intro - You can select a Joomla article for the intro of the price list.
  • Text after order submitted - Text displayed in the Joomla area of the system message when the order were submitted.

Configuring columns of price list

Choose the fields of items, which will be displayed in the price list as well as the order of the fields using the item field manager. For each field you want to display in the price list, set "Published price list" to "Yes." For each field, specify the desired width of the columns in the price list, the alignment and the title. You can assign an own set of a price list columns for each category or section. To do this, you can use the "Fields displayed in price-list" parameter in a category edit page. You can use a various set of columns for each section or category only with an advanced mode of a price-list (see the parameter "Simple mode").


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