IPrice minimart user guide

Checkout page


You can go to shopping cart order add to the shopping bag or by link "Checkout" in module "Shopping cart". The shopping cart page of the order displays all your chosen products, allows you to change the selection, calculates totals for the order, allows to choose the position of the delivery and other costs for order and also allows you to choose payment methods. As well for additional opportunities go to the basket, you can create a separate menu item for the order basket: in the admin. panel, go to the desired menu and press "New". Select the type "IPrice minimart"->"Shopping cart".

Output Settings page order basket

Section "Cart" at global component settings :

  • Header for shopping cart-you can set your heading for the basket.
  • Select shopping cart intro - you can create a material Joomla, which will contain the introductory text for the order basket and choose the material in this parameter.
  • Disable order if total amount of selected items less than - enter the minimum amount of the order, if you want to enter such a restriction for your order.
  • Show 'Compare products' link - or not to show the link "Compare products", which allows you to navigate to the page comparison of goods in the basket.
  • Show 'Save changes' button - or not to show the button "Save changes" on the cart page.
  • Display item descriptions - a method of displaying a product description by clicking on product name in the cart: "Collapsed" - description will unfold under the name when you click on product name; "Expanded" - product description will be located under the row of merchandise; "Popup window" - product description will be shown in a popup window when you click on the product name; "Item page" - clicking on a product will open the product page.
  • Display section - allows you to enable/disable displaying of titles of sections in the list of items in the cart.
  • Display categories - allows you to enable/disable displaying of categories in the list of items in the cart.
  • Show total before discount - show the total amount without discount.
  • Show total discount - show the totals discount amount for the order.
  • Show total after discount - show the total amount at a discount.
  • Show total without tax - show the total amount without tax.
  • Show tax total - show the total amount of the calculated tax for the order.
  • Show weight total - show/hide total weight of the order.
  • Show capacity total - show or not to show a grand total of the volume of the order.
  • URL for product list - link to product catalog where the user will be forwarded by clicking on the link "Back to products" on the cart page, either after sending the order. If this parameter is not specified, the user the link "Back to products" goes to previous visited page before the shopping cart page and after creating the order, the user will be redirected to the last visited page IPrice before changing to the basket.
  • Symbol-delimiter for item name - to name of the product in the order can be added the values of the properties of the product selected by the user. Property values will be separated by the character specified in this parameter.
  • Copy contact fields from previous order - if "Yes", then the new order for an authorized user on the page of the basket all contact fields will be filled in the order of the previous order of this member.


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