IPrice minimart user guide

"IPrice items" module

This module displays 'N' items from item list sorted by New items, Most viewed items, Recommended items and etc. The module displays items with Scroollbox or Slider. The module displays items from the category or section only if the user has selected a category or section.
Module file name - mod_iprice_items_X.X.X_JY , where X.X.X - the module version, Y - Joomla version.

"IPrice items" module
"IPrice items" module
"IPrice items" module

Module parameters

  • Layout - Scrollbox or Slider.
  • Sorting - New items - display the newest items; Featured - display items marked as "Featired"; Most vewed - display first most vewed items. Also you can specify the other item fields enabled for sorting in the fields item manager.
  • Sort direction - ascending or descending direction of sort. Descending by default.
  • Item count - count of items to display in module.
  • Show - Always - the module will always be displayed. On root page only - the module will appear on the root IPrice page only. On category page onlythe module will appear on the IPrice page with selected section or category only.
  • Caching - disable caching.


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